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Chapter 3 Excerpt

A modern day Cinderella

She felt his presence behind her. He kissed the back of her neck which sent shivers down her spine. He handed her a drink and placed his arm around her waist. She turned towards him and started kissing him passionately again. Tongues engaged in battle as he pressed against her body pushing her back towards the glass, making her slightly uneasy that it could break. She moved her arms around his neck pressing her breasts against his chest. Their kissing intensified, she wanted him so much. He started to unbutton his shirt to reveal two symmetrical tattooed sparrows on each of his pecs and a name scrawled across his collar bone. The full moon lit the entire room, it was easy to see his incredibly toned, six-pack torso.

Jesus Christ, how is this happening right now? You’re literally my dream man. I will move to Milan and have your beautiful children.

He pushed her boob tube and leggings over her hips, she wiggled to get free and let them fall to the floor, then he moved his hand down towards her love muffin, lightly tracing his fingers in between her legs. He pushed her knickers to one side and opened her lips with his fingers, she was like Niagara Falls down there. Poseidon, God of the sea, had nothing on her.

“You are so wet.”

No shit Sherlock, you’re turning me on.

She made an audible gasp of pleasure to indicate she didn’t want him to stop. He then pressed his middle finger on her clitoris and slid it all the way down to her opening and then plugged his entire finger inside her. It took her by surprise but her entire nether regions felt like they were on fire.

No beating around the bush with this one, not that there is a bush to beat around. This guy knows what he’s doing. Oh my God, keep doing that. I love fingering…

“I ‘ave always wanted to fuck someone on that snooker table.”

Tonight is your lucky night, baby. You can fuck me on all the furniture in the room if you so desire. Please have a big cock, please have a big cock.

She brought his middle finger to her mouth and sucked its length, tasting her juices as she did. He stared directly into her eyes as she gave his finger a blow job. He grunted like a caveman, as he backed her towards the pool table. He then lifted her from under her armpits, so she sat on the edge of the table. In a flash he’d whipped off her knickers and spread her legs wide, exposing her dripping V-jayjay and bent down to lick it. She leant back on her elbows so she could watch this spectacular man at work.

Holy shit, what the fuck? This is incredible! Oh, wait, up a bit, left a bit, oh yes, there, there, there. How is he so good? His technique is amazing. Just the right pressure. I wonder how many girls he’s gone down on to get this good? He must have shagged at least two hundred, no, probably more than that, he was studying in Rio for a year for fuck’s sake, must be more like a thousand. Stop thinking!

He was like a mad, rabid dog lapping up her juices. His middle finger found her soaking wet hole and plunged in deep. Amy gasped again, as he pressed firmly on her G-spot continuing to lick at her love button. She was aching for him and could feel a stirring deep within her pussy, the pleasure was building, the beginnings of an explosion were in the making and the burning in her loins was intensifying. Usually, it took her a while to come but the combination of wanting him so much, fancying the pants off him, his finger permanently glued to her G-spot and his magic tongue rotating on her swollen clit was proving to be quite effective. Perhaps Anka was right? She had just turned forty and was coming instantly. She was throbbing with desire, she needed to relax but it was becoming too intense, he was relentless. He continued hammering at her button. She grabbed the back of his hair, she knew she was close and ready to explode on his finger. She was at the critical stage, she arched her back, she felt the powerful sensation rising within her, this was it, she was on the brink.

Oh my God, oh my God. I’m going to come, I’m going to… Huh? What’s happening? Don’t stop. Why have you…?

From nowhere, his head popped up between her legs, like a meerkat. Pre-orgasm, stopping just like that, how very dare he. He started to kiss her inner thigh. She stared down at him in astonishment, confusion clouding her mind.

“No, don’t stop, I’m so close. Couldn’t you tell?” Amy blurted out uncontrollably.

“I can’t, my tongue is hurting me.”

“Honestly a few more seconds and I’ll be there,” she pleaded, knowing that the moment had already passed.

“Come on my cock instead.”

Fabio was already stepping out of his jeans and boxer shorts. Still annoyed that he hadn’t finished her off, she watched him place a condom over his more than average John Thomas.

I could have come, literally one more minute would have done it. Why do men never stay down there? Why is cunnilingus always a forgotten mystery? A historic art form that men don’t have the patience to master? I fucking love carpet munching, I can do it for hours. Yes, I get lockjaw, and yes, my lingual frenulum can ache for a couple of days, but at least I’ve made a girl orgasm. I always try to give good head. Why is it never reciprocated by men? Why is making a girl come, not important to you fellas? God damn it, selfish bastards! Oh, would you look at that.


His hard penis stood proud immediately in front of her gaping hole, like a divining rod pointing towards water. He climbed onto the snooker table as she shuffled backwards still on her back. With his hand wrapped around his man muscle, he started to trace it between her sodden lips, teasing her back into submission. She raised her hips towards him coaxing him to enter her, she wanted to take his entire length in one deep thrust, aching for him. Without further ado, he plunged deep inside, her legs automatically wrapped around his clammy back, both panting in unison as he started to penetrate her as deep as he could. He was plummeting deeper and harder each time.

She attempted to ignore the friction burns from the cloth of the pool table, trying to concentrate on his throbbing penis inside her.

Ouch! Ow, it stings. Carpet burns. Ignore it. Penis inside me. Just there, yes, deeper, harder. Ouchie ouch. That’s killing me. I’m going to have to stop. Fuck!

His groans were growing louder now, he looked down at her, first at her jiggling tits and then they locked eyes. Staring at him felt so intensely intimate that she felt a surge of fire in her lady garden. Sweat poured off his body onto hers. But the irritating burning pain was distracting her from the matter at hand. It was no good, she had to move.

“Wait, stop.” She tapped his arm to divert his attention. “I have to turn over, the pool table is giving me carpet burns.”

“Huh? What? Okay.” He offered no protests.

He withdrew and Amy swiftly moved to position herself on all fours. Unbeknown to her, Fabio had whipped off his condom and dove bareback straight into her wetness as if it were a magnet, she’d never seen such precision. Amy loved it doggie style, it was her favourite position. He had good girth and length so she could really feel every inch of him. He continued to pound her, she started to rub her clitoris at the same time which Fabio appeared to enjoy, indicated through his man grunts.

“Fuck me deeper,” she panted.

He grabbed hold of her arse cheeks on either side, digging his nails into her flesh and the drilling commenced.

“Come in me,” she demanded.

As soon as those three magic words left her mouth he made a huge final thrust, a matching groan, and ejaculated into her vagina. Fabio immediately withdrew, then sat on the edge of the table with his legs dangling over its side, like a little boy, inspecting his knees at the fresh carpet burns.

Amy, why do you always say that when you’re turned on? It makes them come instantly and you’re left stranded. You never learn! Say it only when you’ve come. Wait, hang on, that feels like…

Amy’s face scrunched up in confusion as she turned around to sit down on her bottom, now feeling his hot, sticky semen dribbling out of her foofoo.


“Shit! I think the condom split? I think I can feel your sperm.”

“No, I took it off, I ‘ate those tings. It’s cool, don’t worry, I had a vasectomy and I don’t ‘ave any STIs. I get tested regularly,” he replied nonchalantly, still examining his knees.

“What? Are you insane? You just came in me? You can’t do that! I’m not on the pill and how do I know if you haven’t got any STIs or HIV?” Amy was livid.

“You can’t get pregnant,” he said casually, not in the least bit defending himself.

“But when were you tested? I don’t believe this. You should have asked me first! You can’t just come in people without asking?”

She had never experienced this in her life. Amy took protection very seriously, especially in Brazil where men don’t know the meaning of the word.

“Don’t worry about it. I was tested last month before the holiday.”

“And how many women have you slept with since being here? Ten, twenty?”

At that moment there was some noise coming from the front door, Fabio’s face changed to panic.

“Fuck, it is my friends, quick, go there.”

He pointed to a door she hadn’t noticed before, to the left.

“What the fuck?”

Amy became Trinity from The Matrix. With lightning speed, she picked up her clothes and knickers by the window and ran to the toilet. As she closed the door, she saw Fabio hopping on one leg trying to put on his jeans as the lights came on. Then she heard a burst of loud laughter through the door.

Once safely inside the toilet, she ran the tap so she could wash her undercarriage, in a vain attempt to extract any remaining sperm. She shook her head in disbelief at the complete disregard towards her as a human being. He had only thought about his own gratification, she felt like an object to serve and satisfy his needs alone. Where was the respect? What a cunt! She didn’t know him from Adam, how many girls had he gone bareback with? Jesus! If she got pregnant now that would ruin everything. Her new life in Brazil would be over. She turned around and looked in the mirror to inspect her back, she had three large carpet burns along her spine, which were now excruciating. She examined her knees, they too looked like she’d just come out of the kids’ playground.

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