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Is my book really erotica?

Is my book really erotica?   Book Classifications Once I decided to self-publish ‘Samba, sex and self-loathing’ on Amazon I had to choose its classification. Read the first part of this blog ‘How not to self-publish an erotic novel’ here. This should be an easy task right? I mean I had been writing the goddamn […]

How NOT to self-publish an erotic novel

How NOT to self-publish an erotic novel ‘Samba, sex and self-loathing’ was 5 years in the making snatching any nanosecond to write on the metro, frantically racing in between students when teaching English abroad or editing away in the evenings whilst fixing the injustices of the world as a social worker. And that was the […]

Female Solo travel- advantages and disadvantages

Female Solo Travel- advantages and disadvantages   My first mind-blowing backpacking extravaganza for 14 months, was with my then boyfriend in 1992 and so began my thirst for globetrotting. Unfortunately, I harboured a lot of resentment towards said boyfriend during this trip for not wanting to visit Kolkata- the place that had become my very […]

Chapter Fourteen Excerpt

Chapter 14 Excerpt   ‘Terra sem Lei’ (Lawless land) Amy sleepily read a text message from Roisin inviting her up to her flat to hang out for the day and sample a batch of hash cookies she’d just made. She looked down at a sleeping Guilherme with his mouth wide open which was a little […]

Chapter Three Excerpt

Chapter 3 Excerpt   A modern day Cinderella She felt his presence behind her. He kissed the back of her neck which sent shivers down her spine. He handed her a drink and placed his arm around her waist. She turned towards him and started kissing him passionately again. Tongues engaged in battle as he […]

How my book came to be…

How my book came to be… Throughout my many solo travel adventures I’ve always sent written gibberish to my friends describing my latest saga of tomfoolery. The majority of them always said “you should write a book” but I just thought they liked my emails because of my comical sexploits and my use of the […]

Chapter Two Excerpt

Chapter 2 Excerpt   Women who like to Fuck “Darr-ling! It is so good to see you,” Anka stood back to inspect Amy. “But darr-ling you really need some Botox, your forehead darr-ling, you have many mini-graves in there. You must start now, you know,” Anka pointed to Amy’s forehead. Amy grinned, she loved Anka’s bluntness, […]