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Chapter 2 Excerpt

Women who like to Fuck

“Darr-ling! It is so good to see you,” Anka stood back to inspect Amy. “But darr-ling you really need some Botox, your forehead darr-ling, you have many mini-graves in there. You must start now, you know,” Anka pointed to Amy’s forehead.

Amy grinned, she loved Anka’s bluntness, she wasn’t being offensive, it was just her way. She was used to it. Anka said it how it was, there was no beating around the bush. Many confused her sharp tongue with aggression rather than cultural difference. No wonder she was such a shrewd businesswoman. Successful was an understatement, Anka owned her own penthouse in Ipanema.

“I’m forty in a matter of weeks. It’s all downhill from now on. I need all the help I can get,” Amy winked.

“Darr-ling you should be pleased you’re turning forty. You are at your sexual peak. You vill have multiple orgasms just like that!” Anka clicked her fingers. “All my older friends tell me this. And I vill give you the number of my plastic surgeon, no problema, darr-ling. He vill give you a discount. He’s cheap, very professional and safe. Ve can go together, next time.”

“Really? You have a plastic surgeon?” Amy started patting the wrinkles around her eyes.

“Of course darr-ling, this is Rio.”

“But I’ve heard once you start doing Botox you can’t stop. You can’t go back to crack.”

“True, but who cares darr-ling, it’s so cheap here and there’s a lot of competition who are twenty years our junior.”

Maybe turning forty isn’t going to be so bad after all, multiple orgasms and cheap Botox, what else does a girl need?

Anka had lived in Rio for over twelve years and had first journeyed to Brazil with a business partner from Russia, investing fifty thousand dollars into a beauty line production. Unfortunately, her business partner robbed her blind but she’d fallen in love with Rio and had seen a golden opportunity in the property market. She begged and borrowed enough money to buy a dilapidated colonial house in Ipanema, spent a year renovating it and sold it for a million reais. Since then, she’d invested in and developed, fifteen other properties making her a substantial profit.

“So! I hear you vant to find a husband and push a vatermelon through your puseta. Just like this crazy voman.” Anka pointed to Hannah, disgusted. “Darr-lings I vill never have children, I made up my mind a long time ago. I like to make business and money, not babies darr-ling. I can’t even commit to one man, imagine a child.”

“Are you still with Wesley?” Amy asked, always intrigued by Anka’s love life.

“Yes darr-ling of course, but ve still argue a lot, ve are two alphas in a relationship so it is difficult sometimes.”

“Nothing to do with the fact that you have sex with other people?” Hannah interjected.

“Darr-ling, ve have an open relationship. This part vorks fine. Ve are completely honest, he knows ven I fuck someone, and I know ven he fucks someone. He also likes to vatch me have sex vith other men, so this is good, no? How can you expect to stay vith one man your entire life, especially vith Cariocas? They can’t keep their dicks in their pants, so if you can’t beat them join them, darr-ling. Amy, you should come to the swingers’ club vith us before you get tied down vith this new husband you are finding. Vesley vill take care of us.”

“Okay,” Amy said nonchalantly as she sat in her sun chair.

“Och, you’re talking so casually as if it’s an everyday thing,” Hannah said with her nose screwed up.

“Darr-ling, ve are the most sexual creatures on this planet, ve think about it and vant it all the time. Ve are the only animal who fuck for pleasure not just for procreation. Vesley and I have a lot of fun.”

“Don’t you ever get jealous though? I dinnae ken if I could deal with it. When I’m in love with someone I dinnae want to have sex with anyone else,” Hannah responded, settling into her seat.

“But darr-ling, the sex I have vith strangers, it’s meaningless. Love and sex are two very different things and I have both, it’s perfect. I think a lot of vomen find it difficult to separate sexual pleasure vith emotional intimacy. Men don’t have this difficulty and neither do I.”


“I cannae differentiate the two. Making love is pure Barry, why would you want sex with random men when you have the real thing?”

“Darr-lings, this is not a problem for me, last year at a swingers’ club, I had seven cocks up my arse. Not all at the same time, obviously,” Anka laughed out loud.

“Holy Mary, mother of God,” Roisin said.

“Speechless,” said Hannah, shocked. Amy just smiled.

I know I talk about sex all the time but I can always rely on Anka taking it one step further. God, I adore her. 

“One-night stands are all I get these days, they never come back for seconds. I just don’t get it. If you have good sex, why don’t they come back for more?” Amy chipped in.

“Darr-lings, like I said, men think vomen can’t separate sexual pleasure from emotional intimacy. They think all vomen could never just vant sex with no strings attached. Men think ve vill fall in love vith them instantly. Or they label us as dirty whores who aren’t marriage material.”

“Oh my God, women like sex too, alright. Not all of us get attached and want babies.” Roisin’s voice started to rise. “But if we do admit to liking sex then we’re slappers. It’s savage, like. I can’t believe this mentality still exists. I remember an ex-boyfriend making me feel like a right-goer when I told him I slept with like twenty men, he’d slept with triple that and yet I was the harlot. Why are we still made to feel ashamed about fucking around when men are allowed to do it without question, like?”

“This whole ‘women are whores’ and ‘men are studs’ gets on my tits, especially nowadays. I’ve read about this recently. It’s all Darwin and his mates’ fault. In Victorian times, men presumed that it was human nature for women to be demure and lady-like, but it was just another way of controlling women in a patriarchal society. If women naturally have low libidos, then why were chastity belts invented? Why were women locked in mental institutions for hysteria and given lobotomies? Why is there still genital mutilation in some African cultures? Why is there all this panic around us little dainty, coy, modest ladies when we supposedly don’t have the same sex drive as men? Well! I hate to break it to you ladies but apparently, we do have high libidos. Who knew? Women, actually like sex too! Unfortunately, we get called whores for liking it, though,” Amy started to seethe.

“Darr-lings, I vant sex all the time, especially in this heat.”

“Me too. I don’t masturbate as much as you, Amy, but I love having sex,” Roisin joined in. “If only masturbation were an Olympic sport, Amy could easily walk away with gold. Team GB would be so proud like,” Roisin laughed.


“I can hear you, you know! But I could probably pull myself off in a couple of minutes, if I’m watching porn that is. Imagination takes a little longer.”

“Jings! Two minutes! It takes me an hour! I usually lose interest halfway through,” Hannah chipped in.

Amy spanked the monkey every morning and evening. Orgasms were her favourite things in the world, her entire body pulsated as the ten-tonne explosion detonated inside her V-jayjay. It was quick, easy and free – the ultimate stress releaser and an over-thinking mind distractor.

“Hannah, you just need to practice more. I remember at eighteen, devoting hours to my clit, just to learn how to come. It took me months of perseverance but I mastered the discipline and I’ve never looked back.”

“Och, it just takes too long,” Hannah proclaimed.

“Is that because you don’t know how to masturbate properly or because society is convincing you that you shouldn’t like masturbating because it makes you dirty? Think about it,” Amy challenged.